1981 6A Girls State Championship Team

Head Coach was Ted Juneau. Assistant Coaches were Mary Moak and Ted Hunt. Team Members included: Terri Baylor, Mary Burnette, Tracy Crawford, Angela Herman, DeAnna Kinmon, Kim McMillon, Stacey Perkins, Alicia Revely, Elaine Stewart, Lisa Swopes, Jill Williams, and Cathy Willis. The team went 23-1, ultimately beating Washington High School for the State Championship. In the process, the team won the Topeka Invitational Tournament, the I-70 League Championship, and the 6A Sub-State Championship. The style of this team was characterized as demonstrating aggressive pressing defense, fast breaking offense, and unselfish teamwork. Record numbers of fans attended games and this team will be remembered for their awesome talents, the way they played together, and the big-time attention they brought to Girls Basketball and girls’ sports in general.