Tower Society Funds

Since the establishment of the Topeka High School Historical Society (THSHS) in 1985 we have financially supported the Topeka Board of Education’s unique responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the phenomenal school building. Membership dues ($25 yearly, $100 for 5 years and $175 for 10 years) help pay our executive secretary’s salary, office & mailing expenses and expenses for special events. Contributions from Topeka High supporters have assisted the school district in funding many restoration projects including stained glass restoration, replication and restoration of Student Cafeteria Chandeliers, restoration of the David Overmyer mural in the Woodward Library and restoration of the THS Classical Room, to name a few.

The THSHS Board of Directors has created the Tower Society Fund, recognizing graduated levels of giving. The levels of giving in the new THSHS Tower Society Fund might remind alumni and friends of years spent at Topeka High – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Top of the Tower. Tokens of appreciation for each level will include the THS Historical Guidebook, Construction of Topeka High DVD, Topeka High ornament and a pen and ink THS drawing by artist Robert Jones. These funds will be used for building restoration and repair projects. The THSHS is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations may be tax deductible and matched with business partners.

This is an opportunity for those who treasure their high school memories at this historic building to help ensure its preservation for another 88 years and many more generations to come.

Click to download a THS Tower Society application form.

Tower Society Membership list

– * denotes deceased

Donor’s choice Donate

Tower Society Freshman Level – $200
Tower Society Sophomore Level – $350
Tower Society Junior Level – $500
Tower Society Senior Level – $750
Tower Society Top of the Tower Level – $1000
Tower Society Mighty Trojan Level – $2,500
Tower Society Guardian Level – $10,000

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Checks can be mailed to 800 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, KS 66612.

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