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Not in this photo: David Heit, Michelle Neis, Liam Dale, Amy Jenkins, Marlaina Webb and Doug Wallace.

2021 Board Members: Anton Ahrens, Lesia Moore Carter 1976, David Clark 1967, Liam Dale 2010, Andrea Etzel 2001, David Heit, Amy Jenkins 2005, Steve Holloman 1970, Susan Baird Marchant 1964, Marsha Martin Sheahan 1967, Alexis Stevens 2001, Judy Stuenkel Soule 1958, Mike Stewart 1967, Douglass Wallace 1965, Marlaina Webb, Cindy Owens White 1975

2021 THS Historical Society Board

Linda Wiley (THS Principal 2006-2016)

Michelle Neis (THS 2006)

Adam Crouch


Dave Corley (THS 1968)

Joan Barker (1971)

Rebecca Morrisey

Historical Society Mission

Topeka High School Historical Society was established in 1985, for the purpose of preserving the grand tradition of this remarkable and historic school. Our mission is to Preserve, Promote and Enhance the Traditions and Heritage of Topeka High School.

Our objectives are:

  • Help USD 501 preserve the building
  • Maintain the Helen McKenna Mulvane Chimes
  • Issue historical/alumni newsletters
  • Conduct Hall of Fame inductions
  • Award a scholarship yearly to a THS senior
  • Receive and preserve historical artifacts for the THS archives
  • Assist classes in planning reunions

THSHS Diversity Statement

We, at the Topeka High School Historical Society (THSHS), in pursuit of our mission, believe that diversity is an integral part of the history, culture, and identity of our community, our school and our organization. The THSHS Board of Directors assert that inclusion and respect are foundational to the way we perceive and treat all differences. We are committed to maintaining this inclusive and transparent culture where all forms of diversity are welcomed, embraced, and celebrated.

Walking the grounds and Halls of Troy stirs pride.

It is always a treat because of the traditions, the memories we have, and the overwhelming and unique history and beauty of our building. We also want to honor and remember those who have gone before us, who have contributed to our history and memories.

Please review the policy, now in effect, for proposing or changing a plaque or adornment on the THS walls or outside areas.

Topeka High School’s Historical Areas

Opened on September 17, 1931, Topeka High features six areas with stained glass, four fireplaces & classroom stages, and is the only public high school in the world with an 18 note working Deagan Chime system. Topeka High School was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 9, 2005, thus confirming it as a true treasure and part of Topeka’s heritage.

Chester Woodward Library

The THS Library, 1931

Many consider the Chester Woodward Library to be the most beautiful room in Topeka. Featuring a two-story main reading room, intricate details and a unique atmosphere, this room has been used for meetings and seminars throughout the years.

THS Auditorium, 1931

The Hoehner Auditorium has been known for its grandeur since 1931. The Gothic style theatre seats 1,875, is illumined by ten massive chandeliers, and features a vaulted tiled ceiling. It has been used by the Topeka community for a variety of events and serves as an inspiration to Trojan Thespians.

Hoehner Auditorium, Topeka High

THS Gymnasium, 1931

Keeping with Topeka High's athletic heritage, this gymnasium has hosted great sporting events. Whether used for practicing or winning championships, the Nicklin Court, named for long time basketball coach, Willie Nicklin, provides a wonderful area for viewing and participating in the traditions of this school.

THS Original Flagpole, 1931

Topeka High's Constitution Plaza showcases its unique flagpole on the east campus - the third spar from the 1797 frigate U.S.S Constitution ("Old Ironsides"). The landscape includes six lower flagpoles flying the five service flags and a MIA/POW flag, a brick path, and the newest feature of the ship's bell from the light cruiser U.S.S. Topeka.

the third spar from the 1797 frigate U.S.S Constitution ("Old Ironsides")

THS Art Gallery

The Topeka Art Guild, in conjunction with Topeka High, financed the large and small Art Galleries; the Guild also occupied an office here until the late 1970s. During that time the school opened this unique high school art gallery to the public on Sunday afternoons. Many prominent artists - among them sculptors Robert Merrill Gage ('11) and James Bass ('51); painters David Overmyer, Aaron Douglas ('17), Mary Huntoon ('16) and Walter Hatke ('67); and designer Bradbury Thompson ('29) have graduated from Topeka High.

Portraits of TROY

A 272 page photo essay of the construction and architecture of a Topeka landmark. Containing 342 images, 104 of the images were taken before 1940, Portraits of TROY is a visual journey through the school’s architectural history. To purchase your copy, visit our shop.

Portraits of TROY