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Tour Information

How much does it cost?
There has never been a charge for tours. However, we are a non-profit and every penny counts and we accept donations gratefully.

Does the tour include a trip up the tower?
The Tower is not included in the tour as the stairs are not safe at this time. The wooden stairs need to be replaced with metal. Until that happens it's off limits. Contact the district administrator to discuss.

What are the tour sizes?
We can customize the tours for as big or small of a group as desired, all the way down to individual tours. Tours are available for anyone: if you are a graduate who know the building and just want to walk the halls and reminisce or you have never been in the building before and have a large group, we will accommodate you.

What does the tour include?
We always cover the main spaces, especially to those who have never been in the building - Hoehner Auditorium, Woodward Library, Student Cafeteria, Dungeon, Hall of Fame Room, THSHS Museum, and the Art Gallery.

How long does the tour last?
Tours take as long as people have time and/or energy. The tour committee plays it by ear. If visitors want a full-blown, historical tour, it could take 2+ hours. Usually a tour that long isn't desired, but if it is, we are up to it!

Are there stairs on this tour?
The building does have three stories and many stairs. It's a challenge for people with mobility challenges, but there is an elevator.

How do I schedule a tour?
Please call or email to set up a tour, 785-295-3200, or