Dewayne Dirks

2018 Distinguished Staff

Dewayne Dirks taught mathematics at Topeka High School from 1964 – 1997. He was a graduate of Durham High School and earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Kansas State Teacher’s College in Emporia with a double major in Mathematics and Physical Education and Recreation (1960). In 1966 he earned a master’s degree in Mathematics from Kansas State Teacher’s College in Emporia through the National Science Foundation Summer Institute. During his 33 years at Topeka High School he taught the full range of mathematics classes. He was the first teacher to teach a computer class and the first to teach a calculus class. He continued as Topeka High School’s calculus teacher until he retired. Dewayne was also the time keeper for all of the men’s JV and Varsity basketball games. In 33 years he missed only 2 games. Following his final game he was given an autographed basketball and a THS Letter Jacket. The Topeka High School Honor Society honored Dewayne for outstanding devotion to individual educational needs of students. The Kansas State Board of Education honored him for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching.