Mamie L. Williams (‘11)

2009 Hall of Fame Inductee


One of three African-American graduates out of a class of 92 at T.H.S., the school annual noted about her: “description – small; occupation – studying; favorite expression – ‘do tell.’ ” She went on to Washburn winning honors in math and German. After college she began teaching in Topeka black schools Buchanan, Monroe, and Washington; principal at the latter. Linda Brown Smith remembered her as “a brilliant woman. A staunch, old – time teacher who really made you apply yourself. She explained a subject well and then stuck with you until she made sure you understood it thoroughly.” Miss Williams earned a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas and wrote four books on black history in Topeka schools; she passed away in 1986 at age 92. The Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School in Topeka was named in her memory. Photo courtesy of Kansas Historical Society