Topeka High School Athletics Hall of Honor

Topeka High School Athletics Hall of Honor

Topeka High’s administration, staff, employees, and student body have always appreciated the talented athletes who have helped establish the determination, school spirit, and pride evident in our Trojan community. The newly established Topeka High Athletic Hall of Honor will soon have its first honorees, now that the nomination process is outlined and begun.

The THS athletic standouts deserve to be honored for their significant impact on our school’s reputation; the local media’s positive focus on THS; the beautiful demonstration of our school’s dedication to diversity; and a continued influence on communities, post high school. We owe a thank you to our athletes for modeling hard work, extracurricular participation, consistency, sacrifice, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and a recognition of the importance of making healthy choices.

The THS Athletic Hall of Honor intends to celebrate individuals, varsity teams, coaches, and auxiliary contributions. An honoree’s athletic recognition could be for a high school activity or for a sports involvement later in life.

The talents inherent to athleticism deliver life lessons to participants in determination, dreaming, hoping, showing grace under pressure or when winning or losing, and the pride of involvement. Students in the crowd are learning as well, as they aspire to be known for these same qualities, from observing and cheering on their athletic heroes.

Sporting events, then, for an entire student body, are a tangible lesson in character education. Indeed, Trojan sports form a vital layer in the fabric of our school; to athletic leaders and their multifaceted coaching teams, we owe all honor. Hoy! Hoy!

Use the link below, or the QR Code, to complete the Nomination Form.

Nominations for the THS Sports Hall of Honor are due by May 30, 2023.To complete nominations non-electronically, please contact:

Rob Hays, Assistant Principal