Portraits of Troy Coffee Table Book


The coffee table book, “Portraits of Troy: The Architecture of Topeka High in Photographs”



Coffee table book measures 11.25-inches x 8.75-inches

From the first photograph from the 1870s thru the 21st century images, Portraits of TROY is an engaging visual study of a stunning piece of architecture. Planned in the late 1920s, built in the first years of the Great Depression, Topeka High School was one of the first multimillion dollar high schools ever built. A Topeka landmark, THS is on the National Register of Historic Places, and Portraits of TROY shows why with intricate detail images and sweeping panoramas. Fifty-eight pairs of matching shots show both the school when new in 1931 and now 81 years later. From the top of the 155 foot bell tower, to the 2400-seat auditorium, to the 3500-seat gymnasium, to Constitution Plaza, home to a spar from the USS Constitution “Old Ironsides,” the 342 photos in 272 pages are an intimate look at this Kansas landmark.