Refurbish a Student Cafeteria Chair


Remember sitting on one of these cafeteria chairs and eating lunch? We do and there’s a lot of great memories that come to mind.

There are nine remaining chairs that still need refurbishment. The photo shows what they look like before, and after the work has been done to them.

A big THANK YOU to Dave Clark (THS 1967) who is giving the chairs the uplift.

If you opt to donate for a chair’s refurbishment ($200) a plate will be affixed to the chair with your inscription on it.  Please let us know what you want in the field below.

Questions? Please contact us.



Chair facts:
  • The chairs are original to the 1931 building and were used in the Student Cafeteria.
  • There were at least 300-400 of them, but now there are only 54 chairs.
  • Only 9 chairs need refinishing and repair.
  • They are currently found in the Teachers’ Cafeteria.
  • Sponsoring the refinishing and repair of a chair is $200.
  • Dave Clark (THS 1967) is giving the chairs the uplift.
  • A plate, with whatever you want inscribed, will be added to your chair/s. Please indicate the text when an order is placed.