Raymond L. Powers (THS 1964)

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

Business executive.

At Topeka High Ray Powers played the clarinet in the “Gold Band”. After graduation, like many a male Trojan, he entered the Army for two years (1965-67). Upon his discharge he returned home taking a job at Hallmark Cards as Group Leader in the Quality Dept. (the Topeka warehouse). Slowly but surely he rose through the ranks, along the way earning his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts Technology/Management from Central Missouri State University (1982) and a Master’s in Management from Baker University (1995). Upon moving to Kansas City, Mr. Powers enjoyed growing responsibilities including graphic arts engineer, proofing & testing manager, safety & environmental manager, and so forth. He then became Production Manager at the Leavenworth plant and next Plant Manager in Kansas City. In 1995 Hallmark elevated him to Vice President – North American Production and as a corporate officer (first African-American as a vice president) and still later (2002) Vice President of Manufacturing. He retired in 2007.