The Tower Society Fund

Since the establishment of the Topeka High School Historical Society (THSHS) in 1985 we have financially supported the Topeka Board of Education’s unique responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the phenomenal school building. The THSHS Board of Directors has created the Tower Society Fund, recognizing graduated levels of giving. The levels of giving in the THSHS Tower Society Fund might remind alumni and friends of years spent at Topeka High – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Top of the Tower, Mighty Trojan and THS Guardian.

Tower Society contributions from Topeka High supporters have assisted the school district in funding many restoration projects including stained glass restoration, replication and restoration of Student Cafeteria Chandeliers, restoration of the David Overmyer mural in the Woodward Library and restoration of the THS Classical Room, to name a few.

Tower Society funds are used for building restoration and repair projects. The THSHS is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations may be tax deductible and matched by business partners.

This is an opportunity for those who treasure their high school memories at this historic building to help ensure its preservation for another 88 years and many more generations to come.

Tower Society Fund Donation

Gifts in any amount are welcome and you may designate a specific project if you desired.

Below are the donation levels. Fill in the desired contribution amount and information form below:

  • Tower Society Freshman Level – $200
  • Tower Society Sophomore Level – $350
  • Tower Society Junior Level – $500
  • Tower Society Senior Level – $750
  • Tower Society Top of the Tower Level – $1000
  • Tower Society Mighty Trojan Level – $2,500
  • Tower Society Guardian Level – $10,000 (Your name on the Major Donor Plaque, located in the THS Foyer.)

If you would rather print a donation form and mail it to us please find the form HERE.

Additional Information

The Topeka High School Historical Society partners with Topeka Public Schools to plan projects, often matching funds or providing full funding, that preserve and enhance the remarkable landmark building known as Topeka High School.

The Tower Society Fund allows alumni and friends of Topeka High School to contribute to preservation projects as varied as restoring stained glass windows to creating the Trojan Plaza in front of the building to repairing the Deagan Chimes.

As individuals contribute to the Tower Society Fund, dollars will be aggregated to move donors through the levels described below.

Gifts in any amount are welcome and you may designate a specific project if you wish. Gifts of $10,000 or more will be permanently recognized on a plaque in the Topeka High School Foyer.

Make a Tower Society Gift

Make a Tower Society Gift

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My company matches contribution funds.

Tower Society List of Donors

A big thank you to each and every one of our donors!

THS Guardian Level, $10,000 and above

*John A. Alberg ‘48

Tom Barrett ’48, in memory of Marilyn Dunn Barrett ‘52

William Barrett ‘47

*George Batz ‘32

*John Dawson ‘57

The Garlinghouse Family

Ralph King ‘59

Michael McKee ’56

Jayne Allen Powell ‘55

*Pratt Family Charitable Foundation

*Pudgie Benton Robb ‘53

*Barbara Weigand ‘39

Adrian W. Whited ‘48

THS Class of 1948

THS Class of 1951

THS Class of 1961 (Trojan Plaza)

Mighty Trojan Level, $2,500-$9,999

Jett & Julia Gille Anderson Fund ‘75

Richard Barrett ‘56

Dr. Ginny Campbell ’71, in memory of Jeff Roether

Charles Crawford ’48

*David Curnutt ‘56

Patrick J. Donnelly ‘59

Donald Drescher ‘63

Jon T. Eicholtz ‘56

Letitia Staebler Evans ’60, in memory of Dr. Ed Saylor ‘57

Sue Self Hamilton ‘71

Dr. Tamara Haygood, in honor of *Bill Miner ‘38

Ed Hershey ‘50

William (Roscoe) Jackson ‘63

Wellington ‘Duke’ Jones ‘63

Frank & Carolyn Barrett Keller ‘61

Linda Haughawout Lee ‘66

*Frank Lindemuth ‘48

Charles L. Marshall, Jr. ‘49

Deb Craig McCullough ‘71

Tom & Joan Watts Mistler ‘59

Renee Henderson Quinton ’71, in memory of Wilmer Henderson ‘47

Richard Ryan ’44, in memory of Kathryn Creel Ryan ‘45

Knowles Smith ’77, in memory of Doane & Marjorie Jasperson Smith ‘51

Michael Stimpert ‘62

John E. Stumbo ‘57

*Bob and *Jeanne Taggart ‘44

Thompson Family, in memory or Elizabeth ‘Letty’ Weber Thompson ‘46

Douglass Wallace ’65, in memory of James D. & Harriet Johnson Wallace ‘31

Dale & Bonnie Barrett Wilson ’49 & David Brian Wilson

THS Class of 1944

THS Class of 1958

THS Class of 1963

THS Class of 1965

THS Class of 1966 (sundial)

THS Class of 1969

THS Class of 1978

Top of the Tower Level, $1,000-$2,499

Joe Anderson ‘61

Marcia Fink Anderson ‘55

Mary Ward Baker ’46, in memory of Carrie Summers Boten ’01, Richard C. Ward ’17, Elizabeth Boten Ward ’22 and Richard J. Ward ‘46

Ruth Taggart Barker ’53, in loving memory of *Brenda Worley Billings ‘76

*Ray and Maggie Beers ‘48

*Norton Belknap ‘43

Byron Gomer Benard ‘57

Holly Benson Blodgett ‘65

*Paul ’47 & *Shirley Hicks ’48 Boatwright

*James Boling ‘53

Margery Gamble Borger ‘48

Barry & Judy Coffman Bray ‘58

Rod Brown ’50, in memory of friends in Class of 1950 – Doug Kay, Doug Smith & Phil Dangerfield

John Bunten ‘50

*William Bunten ‘48

Michael & Marcia Nelson Cassidy ‘58

*Emalene Gooch Correll ‘48

Forrest ’44 & Eula Mae Geyer ’45 Cowell, in memory of Lucile Geyer Doyle ‘34

Patricia Piatt Cowell ’50, in memory of Walter L. Cowell ‘48

Barbara Brown Craft ‘58

*Bill Davis ‘39

Joyce Dryden-Damron ‘54

John Dayton, in honor of Class of 1957

Becky Robb Dickinson ’73, in memory of Pudgie Robb

Joy Smith Dodd ‘75, in loving memory of Doane & Marjorie Jasperson Smith ‘51

Jack & Kathy Bonner Flesher ‘59

Veneta Kinsley Fusco ’49, in honor of Don Fryhofer and memory of Jeanette Fryhofer Allison

Katherine Garlinghouse ’01, in loving memory of Marjorie Beard Garlinghouse Lovewell ’33

Richard Gassdorf ’59, in memory of Glenda M. Brunswick Gassdorf ‘60

Peggy Shavey Griswold ‘61

Marilyn Hickman Hackey ‘49

Casey Halsey ‘72

Marion A. Hammarlund ‘46

Martha J. Herrick ‘49

Jay Holstine ‘51

Jay Howe ‘63

Vivian Ransom Hulsopple ’46, in memory of Charles Hummert ‘55

Leah Ransom Kimmel

James Hurd ’63, in memory of Elbert Fly & *Rev. James Coder

Sue Anderson Iverson ‘51

Carl Johnson ‘60

Frank Keller ‘61

Sibyl Riekenberg Kerr ‘57

Mel Lewis ’57, in memory of Carol Orr Lewis ‘57

Thomas Liley ‘66

*James Linger ‘48

Scott Linscott ‘61

Jeff & Janet Hill Litfin ’73, in memory of Eugene F. Hill ‘43

Betty Searle Macy ’44, in memory of Albert Macey ’43, Marjean Macey Klotz ’50 and in honor of Joyce Macey Popham ’51, Mayre Macey Hoffman ’63, Steven Macey ’66, Dee Bennett Macey ’68, Chris White ’88, Fahryn Hoffman White ’91, Heather Hunter ’91, Joe Hoffman ’92, and John Burns ‘17

Richard Marshall ‘58

Elizabeth Martell ‘78

Michael Luis ’67 & Guadalupe Tetuan ’68 Martinez

R. Craig Maupin ‘78

Tom McBride ‘63

Karen Van Tine McCall ’59, in memory of Merrill E. McCall ’57 and Karl D. Van Tine ‘53

Ted N. & Judith Crane McCoy ‘51

Stan Metzger ‘63

Jack Miller ‘61

Joan Smith Miller ‘51

*M. Brad Miller ‘47

*Robert Leland Miller ’48, in memory of Connie Jo Miller Winget ‘77

Richard Mistler ‘58

*Thomas J. Moore, Jr. ‘54

*James Nellis ‘49

Mark Nusbaum ‘73

Tom & Connie Bohannon Paulson ’69, in memory of Freida Gray ‘68

Patricia Peterson Pilkington, in honor of Marilyn & John Shideler

*Robert K. Petro ’42

Mitchell and Robin Pozez, in memory of Shaol Pozez

Larry ’58 & Patty Miller ’60 Pressman

Andy Reeves ‘78

Miriam ‘Mimi’ Davis Reid ’58, in memory of Martha Dumars Davis

*Jack ’46 & *Laura Graves Richmond ‘55

Brady Robb ’77, in memory of Pudgie Robb

Doris Allen Roberson ‘51

Donna McElroy Robinson ‘58

Lori Roenbaugh and Kent Roenbaugh, in memory of Pudgie Robb ‘53

Jennifer Robinson, in memory of Donna McGary Harold ‘52

*Ann Colvin Rolley ‘52

John ’50 & Alicia Laing ’57 Salisbury

Dan ’75 & Sally Hare-Schriner ‘76, in memory of Paul Fink

Richard Schroder ’63, in memory of Jack Dean - Teacher, Coach & Friend

Jay Scott ‘58

*Melvin L. Sebright ‘51

Mike Shinn ‘61

Don & Judy Henry Shipman ’61, in loving memory of Marvin Henry, Marquita Henry Cummings ’54, Donna Henry Bacon ‘56

Helen Graves Silvia ’52, in memory of Charles “Chick” Graves ‘22

Milo G. Sloo III ‘59

Family of Bob & Mary Alice Steves Smith ’52, in memory of their parents

Judy Stuenkel Soule ’58, in memory of Paul L. Stuenkel, Jr. ‘55

James Love Stephenson ’59, in honor of Martha Herrick

Mike Stewart ’67 and Connie Stewart DiPasquale ’70 (foyer bench), in memory of Fred W. Stewart ‘47

Delores Atkins Sundbye ‘49

Dan Swearingen ‘57

*Ed Terrell ‘33

Sheryl Tyree, in memory of Mark Tyree ‘65

Cynthia Wahle ‘46

Bob Wanamaker ‘57

*Mary Moser Wasson ‘43

M. Beth Wasson ‘72 and Paul Stuewe, in memory of Lynn Wasson ’65 & Mary M. Wasson ‘43

Jason Wiens 2000, with the Kauffman Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program

The Rev. Brinton W. Woodward ’58, in honor of Judy Stuenkel Soule ‘58

Sandra Bromich Wittmer ‘59

*Jim Wright ‘56

Jerry Wymore ‘57

Stephen G. Young ‘70

THS Class of 1939 (THS Library)

THS Class of 1950

THS Class of 1953

THS Class of 1954 (THS Crest)

THS Class of 1955

In honor of the Class of 1956 (THS Library)

THS Class of 1957 (statue bench)

THS Class of 1958 (statue benches)

THS Class of 1959 (statue bench)

THS Class of 1962 (statue bench)

THS Class of 1964 (statue bench)

THS Class of 1967 (statue bench)

THS Class of 2001

Senior Level, $750-$999

Keith Adams ’68, in memory of David Adams ‘73

John & Cynthia Barrett ‘53

Leigh Barrett ‘65

Larry Bennett

Sue Parker Burgdorf ‘52

David Clark ‘67

Dan & Helen Gardner Crow ’70

Virginia Kay Foster ‘71

Charles ’56 & Elizabeth Fink ’61 Farnsworth, in memory of H. Bernerd Fink ‘27

Jack Hawn ‘55

Doug Kieswetter ‘59

Jeff McGhehey ‘82

James Payne ‘62

*James Barton Phelps ‘34

Robert Rhodes ’45, in memory of Kenneth Rhodes

Emery Robertson ‘42

Jim and Carol Lyon Vogel ‘63

Stanley N. Wellborn ‘62

Junior Level, $500-$749

Donna Adams ‘53

Gene Baker ‘58

Sarah Bausch Benson ‘71

Barry R. Boyer ‘81

Sandra McPherson Braunsdorf ‘59

*Jacquie Timmons Brewer ’43, in memory of Captain Lewis H. Cameron ’43, USMC, MIA, N. Korea 1952

Mike Butler ‘63

Craig Case ‘74

David S. Christy ‘81

Eldon Clark ‘49

Lawrence Daeschner ‘59

Patrick Dittamo 2009

Christopher Edmonds ‘82

*James E. Foster ‘43

Jerry & Patty Paulson Foster ‘66

Ruben Fox ‘53

*Dallas Freeborn ‘48

Rick Friedstrom ‘69

*John H. Gray, in honor of Frances Hadley Gray ’44 and Robert T. Gray (Math Teacher 1948-51)

*Stuart Hamilton ’38, in honor of Chester and Fay Wallace Hamilton ‘40

Barbara Howard Harlan ’57, in honor of the THS Class of 1957

Sara Senne Hischke ’62, in memory of Ted Hischke

*Kepler Johnson ‘48

Helen Badenoch Kanatzar ‘63

David Kensinger ‘89

*Jane Badders Klefstad ‘39

*Jan ’54 and Bev Elliot ’57 Leuenberger

Jacque Alvis McKibbin ‘55

Mary Kay Paige McPhee ‘45

Grant Niven ’48, Sandie Niven James ’69, David Niven ’71 & Daniel Niven ’77 in memory of Elizabeth Niven Doores ‘43

Randy O’Boyle ‘75

Susan Moore Palmer ‘76

Vicki Loebsack Peterson ’60, in memory of Gary Peterson ‘58

Douglas R. Richmond ‘76

Bill ‘63 & Marsha Martin ’67 Sheahan

*James Silvia, in memory of Helen Graves Silvia ‘52

Linda Dickinson Spalding ’61, in memory of S.A. (Skip) Dickinson ‘51

Gordon Toedman ‘79

Richard Vernon ’57

Robert Webb ‘63

THS Class of 1975 (Tower Stairs)

THS Class of 1980 (THS Library)

THS Class of 2002

Sophomore Level, $350-$499

Michael Alexander ‘60

Holle Nieman Baskett ’58, in memory of Christine Nieman Gettig ’61 & Kurt D. Nieman ‘70

Charles A. ’58 & Joleen Johnston ’61 Billington

Betty Skoog Bomar ‘46

Peggy Godbey Broxterman ‘48

James Carlin ‘69

Callan Cohen ‘60

Aurora Galvan Cowing ’67, in memory of Tomasa Dominguez

Russ Davis ’46, in memory of Ginnie Davis

*Mary Laughlin Dibble ‘39

Debra Reynolds-Eskie ’72 & Dennis Eskie ‘62

Charlotte Ellis ’38, in memory of Miss

Gertrude Wheeler

*Hilda Erickson Enewold ’61, in honor of John Erickson ‘56

Scot Ferrell ‘81

*Willa Jean Coffman Gades ‘37

Richard & Donna Peery Granger ‘60

Salena Conway Gregory ’44, in honor of Dean Annabel Pringle and English Teacher Berenice Fuller

*Elizabeth Heaton ‘39

Darla Benning Johnson ’75, in memory of Orville & Dolores Benning

*Lillian Williamson Johnson ’37, in memory of Dennis C. Payne

Julie Nicolay Larrivee ‘75

Jean Pantle Litchfield ‘49

Frank Logan ‘48

Mark Lowes ‘73

*Doris Williamson Perry ’41, in memory of Frank C. Williamson

*Gene Olander ’50, in memory of Frank C. Olander ‘64

Richard & Rita Petro ‘43

*Stephen R. Phelps ‘40

Pauline Pruyser ‘68

Jason Ramirez ‘91

Malcolm Robinson ‘66

James P. Scott ‘59

Janice Osburn Williams ‘57

Freshman Level, $200-$349

Charlotte Gaither Adair ‘65

Carolyn Jackson Akins ‘80

Charles & Sherril Murrow ’60 Anderson, in memory of Ella Marie Williamson Fisher ‘38

Nancy Granger Appelhanz ’66, in memory of Warren E. Granger ‘43

Gene Baker ‘58

Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker ‘50

*Jim Bass ’51, in memory of Jean Bass

Daniels Benfer ‘84

Deanna Bisel ‘66

*Dorothy Palmer Brock ‘39

Robert D. Brooks ‘51

Steve A. Brown ‘63

Polly Palmer Brunkhardt ‘60

Sandy & Tucker Burrow ‘65

Margaret Moore Cabbage ‘49

Betsy O’Hara Cacioppo ‘58

Courtney Canfield ‘71

Daniel Carlson ‘59

Richard & Frances Blum Carman ‘63

Richard Coke ’63, in memory of Jack R. Heath

Sheri Karst Curran ’78, in memory of Henry ‘Butch’ Hendrix, Jr ‘78

M. Lowell Curry ’45/’46

Jan Cottle Darrah ‘72

Mary Lou Coates Davis ‘39

Ed Davis ‘40

*Georgia Deatrick ‘63

Roger Donnelly ‘51

Mary Janet Douglass ‘47

Lanny Ellis ‘58

Cyrus Elting ‘60

Robert A. Engelbrecht ‘60

Mark & Sue Goodin Erickson ‘59

Martha Johnson Fee ‘51

Jackie Fink, in memory of Paul H. Fink ‘48

*Ella Marie Williamson Fisher ‘38

Burdell Funke ‘44

*Marie Keeling Gaither ‘39

T. Michael Garrison ‘57

Gerald ’50 & Sue ’49 Goodell

Sue Cross Green ’58, in memory of Linda Beeman Rhodes ‘58

Patricia Richardson Gurss ’58, in memory of Veon D. Gurss ‘58

Linda Beiter Gwaltney ’78

*Carol Brodecker Hagen ‘49

Sheila Crossley Hanks ‘57

Gerald W. Hart ‘67

*Glenn ’41 & Mary Furgason ’42 Henderson

Danton Hejtmanek ‘69

Jean E. Foster Herrold ‘67

Brendon Hirschberg ‘63

*Parthene Duvall Holstrom ‘37

Kathy McClure Hood ‘63

Jayne Houdyshell ’71, in memory of Chris Wright ‘71

Karl ’51 & Patricia Dykes ‘53 Hummell ’53

Janis Brown Hutchison ’52, in honor of Mary Louise Plumb Brown ’41 and memory of Richard D. (Dick) Brown ‘41

Nancy Deatrick Jones ‘63

Dana Kimbrough ’76, in memory of Lyle Kimbrough ‘44

Alyce (Lowe) Klema ‘40

James Lagerberg ‘48

Stanley Lamar ‘51

Nialson Lee ‘70

Jean Pantle Litchfield ‘49

Ken ’63 and Gail Harden ’68 Leonard

Robert Loehr

Jim Maag, in honor of Kathleen Covert Maag ‘60

Susan Mann ‘60

Leah Ott Marshall ‘65

R. Holland McIntosh ‘49

C. F..”Gene” Miesse ‘55

Dave Miller ’62, in memory of Dorothy R. & Bobby J. Carroll

Don R. Moe ‘57

Van Moe ‘60

Molly Jones Morris ‘57

Tina Nimz

Carl Nuzman ‘48

JoAnn Jellison O’Brien ‘59

Kathleen Haskell Olweiler ‘53

Martine Hunter Padilla ‘78

William R. ’41 & Berneta Warner ’44 Palmer

Jack ‘62 & Jodi Johnson ‘63 Panula

Sarah Bremer Parks ‘78

Jack Paslay ‘44

Julia Carothers Payne ‘49

Marian Haskell Perrone ‘51

Norma Smith Pettijohn ‘57

Duane & Debbie Briggs Pomeroy ‘70

JoAnne Rose Reida ’53, in memory of Richard A. Rose

John Reppart ‘51

Donna McElroy Robinson ‘58

David Roe ‘58

Rod Ross ‘67

Robert Saderstrom ‘61

DonnaLee Lamb Simmons ‘56

Ed Skoog ‘89, in memory of Ralph Skoog ‘47

*Ralph Skoog ’47, in memory of

Richard O. Skoog ‘52

Frank L. Spicer ‘51

*Hayden ’58 & Susan ’60 St. John

Bette Settle Tompkins ‘45

Benny R. ‘67 & Cheryl ’69 Turner

*Betty Cave VanSlyck ’39, in memory of Harold E. VanSlyck

Marilyn Perrin Vaughn ‘54

David Walls ‘87

*Gloria Gray Wolbach ‘43

Barbara Ossian Williamson ‘59

Albert W. Whiting ‘48

Alice J. Wurtz, THS Faculty

THS Class of 1951

THS Class of 1986


* Deceased