THS Basketball Separate, But Equal?

In October 2009 the public was invited to a panel discussion in the Student Cafeteria of THS graduates who played on the Ramblers and Trojan basketball teams. Prior to the landmark U. S. Supreme Court Case Oliver L. Brown, v. Board of Education of Topeka, Topekans of all colors enjoyed excellent educational opportunities, but the settings were questioned.

While Topeka High School was integrated, grade schools were not. And while most sports and activities at Topeka high were integrated, basketball was not. White boys were Trojans; Black boys were Ramblers. Separate but Equal?

It was the goal of the sponsors of this event: Shawnee County Historical Society, Topeka High Historical Society, Visit Topeka, National Park Services, WIBW, and the Shawnee County Sports Council, that the dialogue that began that evening will continue – and others will share their experiences and memories so our children and grandchildren truly understand the world they inherit, and they have a more clear understanding of their own mission and role in achieving freedom and equality.