Tim Degginger (‘65)

2010 Hall of Fame Inductee

Artisan and business owner.

A letterman in football and wrestling, Mr. Degginger played center on the Varsity football squad and took 3rd place in his division at the state wrestling championship. Degginger’s Foundry was established in the 1920s, and three generations in the family have managed it with Mr. Degginger overseeing it since 1985. The Foundry is one of a few such companies in the nation providing a full range of historical restoration services. Recent restoration work includes New York’s Grand Central Station and the Reliance Bldg. in Chicago. The firm has had commissions from Las Vegas resorts (e.g. the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace) to Kansas City’s Negro Baseball Hall of Fame to a private villa in Saudi Arabia. Degginger’s have restored a Hoehner Auditorium chandelier and the T.H.S. cafeteria chandeliers.